Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bombay Street Scene in 19th Century vintage post cards

These are 2 different Bombay Street Scene in 19th Century vintage post cards. These 2 Bombay Street Scene vintage post cards are not my own collection. One ebay seller from United Kingdom giving permission to me for using his Indian vintage post cards images in my Heritage of India blog. Sir thank you very much for your permission for allowing your post cards scan images in my blog.

Please look into the Bombay Street Scane in these 2 post cards. Several things we obversed in these post cards. The people, their dress style,transportation,buildings etc. In the present generation we never see such scenes anywhere and only with the help of these vintage post cards we explore our past heritage. 


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  1. Great.. I have been reading about our Indian Heritage since the last couple of months , Just for my own knowledge and curiosity..\
    You have a wonderful site.. can you give me some links regarding the daily life of people especially homemakers in the 1920's and 1930's.I would love to read more about it.