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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Post Cards from Gujarat

These are Post Cards from Gujarat in my collection.

These Post Cards from Gujarat are set 10 post cards issued by Chief Post Master General, Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad on the occasion of GUJAPEX2011 "Gujarat Philatelic Exhibition".

This is the cover of this Post Cards from Gujarat set. 

This is Sarkhej Roza post card in the set. 

Sarkhej Roza is the summer resort of the Sultans of Gujarat. The place and pavilion were part of the complex consisting of Mausoleums & Mosques. Now known as "Acropolis" of Ahmedabad.

 This is Rani ki Vav post card in the set.

Rani ki Vav is built during the Solanki period; is one of the largest & most richly sculptured step wells of its type.
 This is Hodka Resort post card in the set.

Hodka Resort is at Hodka village with tourist huts, desgned on the lines of local village huts called Bhunga, circular mud houses with thatched roofs.
 This is Vijay Vilas Palace post card in the set.

Vijay Vilas Palace is a beach resort at Mandvi Sea Coast, which was the summer retret of Maharao of Kutch. It's a grand building with Indo Islamic & European features.

 This is Jami Masjid post card in the set.

Jami Masjid built by Sultan Mehmood Begda, in Champaner. It's the first World Heritage Site of Gujarat.

It is Neran Embroidery post card in the set.

Neran Embroidery is Centuries old embroidery of Meghwal Harijan and Sodha Rajput community of Kutch. A cultural tradition passed down from mother to daughter.
This is The White Desert post card in the set.

The White Desert is the Salt Desert in the Rann of Kutch shimmering white during full moon.
This is Asiatic Lion post card in the set.

The rare Asiatic Lion found in Gir forests, wich is the last habitat for this endangered species.

This is Asiatic Wild Ass post card in the set.

This endangered Asiatic Wild Ass can be seen in the Rann of Kutch.

 This is Gira Falls post card in the set.

Gira Falls are 30 Meter natural drop into the Ambika river; a splendidly beautiful sight during monsson.

This is the back side of the Post Cards from Gujarat set.



  1. Good collection of beautiful places and things of Gujarat.. I have been to most of these places as in the post cards and I can assure you they are truly a beauty. A good collection and writeup.