Friday, 18 January 2013

Snake Charmers vintage post cards

These are 3 different Snake Charmers vintage post cards.

These Sanke Charmers vintage post cards are not my own collection. One person from Belgium giving me permission for using his Indian vintage post cards images in my Heritage of India blog. Sir thank you very much for your encouragement.

From the ancient times Snake Charming is a habit for some people in India. They used this tradition from many generations for their livelihood. Even in present days also in some rural areas still there will be snake charmers who continue this age old tradition which inherit this from their forefathers. 

But like many other traditional works these snake charmers are also came out from this work gradually because they cannot sustain their life with only this work because of the modernization. 

Hence it is our responsibility to give some money to the people like Snake Charmers, Monkey Trainers, Bear Trainers, Puppet Show Performers  and other people whenever we see such people for their livelihood.  

Otherwise in the future generations all these traditions are completely vanished.

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