Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tourism Brochure of Khammam District in Telugu Language

This is Tourism Brochure of Khammam District in Telugu Language in my collection.

This tourism brochure published by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

Khammam district is very famous with its Sri SitaRamachandra Swamy Temple in Bhadrachalam. It is believed that this temple is Andhra Ayodhaya according to local people. Alongwith this temple there willbe one Parnasala where according to epic Ramayana Lord Rama and Sita lived in this Parnasala during their Vanavasa period. This Parnasala is in 36 kilometers distance from Bhadrachalam.

In Nelakondapalli of Khammam district there will be a famous Buddhist Stupa excavated.

Khammam Fort is another tourist attraction.

People prefer to come to Bhadrachalam by boat route because here climate is very beautiful.

There will be many scenic places like Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary etc. is in Khammam district.

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