Thursday, 3 January 2013

Amusement for Children vintage post card

This is Amusement for Children vintage post card. This vintage post card printed in Saxony.

This is not my own post card. One Ebay seller from United Kingdom giving me permission for using his Indian vintage post cards images in to my Heritage of India blog.Sir thank you very much for your encouragement for allowing me for using your vintage indian post cards images.

Please look into this Amusement for children vintage post card. In this post card children playing games with toys with more enthusiasm and zeal. In the present generation Indian children shall we see such type of zeal and enthusiasm. From the childhood onwards even before school going age present children will forget such type of natural games etc. Even though many children do not know about those many vintage children games and their names. In such type situations how the present generation children will get relaxation if we only imposing about study and more studies  only on them. Except studies we did not want give them freedom for their natural refreshment. With this reason present generation children gradually far away from their natural abilities and talents. It is a dangerous sign.If we continue the same thing by imposing only studies on our younger child and no other cultural acitivities to them then in the next generation there will be no culture and heritage. It lies only in our hands.

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  1. so nice , i feel to make card around it .how will i get this images.