Friday, 14 December 2012

Bullock Cart

Bullock Cart is a type of transportation in India until 30 years back. From the ancient times people used this Bullock Cart as a medium of transportation for carrying their particularly in the rural areas of India still people using these Bullock Carts for carrying their goods etc. from one location to other location.

In my collection i have a vintage post card of Bullock Cart of pre independence period. This Bullock Cart vintage post card printed in Germany.

In this Bullock Cart vintage post cards the style of dresses wear by village people of india etc. many heritage or past related things we obversed.

For studying or researching about the heritage of a place etc. post cards are very useful for this aim. 

For this purpose to explore the vast heritage of India from ancient times to till now i am collecting these vintage post cards. Thats why i have a special fascination on these vintage post cards.

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