Thursday, 3 January 2013

Clive Street Calcutta at Mid Day vintage post card

This is Clive Street Calcutta at Mid Day vintage post card.

This is not my own post card.

One ebay seller  (Ebay ID: Cartophilians) from connecticut of United States of America giving permission 
their ebay shop Indian vintage post cards images in my Heritage of India blog. This is link for their ebay shop.

Thank you very much for giving permission to me for using your Indian vintage post card images in my Heritage of India blog.

Please look into this post card. We observed many things from this vintage post card. The Calcutta people in the 19th Century, their traditional dresses, their lifestyles,street scene, heritage buildings, Horse Carts, Bullock carts, transportation etc. many scenes we observed in this vintage post card. Where did we find such beautiful street scenes etc. in the present concrete jungle. We can explore 19th Century history, people, transport systems etc. through these vintage post cards only. 

During the 19th Century many people interested in using post cards. In those days letter writing is a primary medium of communication. For the communication people  using these picture post cards. With that reason only in the 19th Century until 50 years back there are several thousands of vintage post cards of India on various themes available and each of these vintage post card gives a brief history of a particular place or event etc.

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