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Gagan Mahal Bijapur

Gagan Mahal or Heavenly Palace was built by Ali Adil Shah I in 1561 as a royal palace with a durbar hall. It has three impressive arches and the central arch is the widest. The durbar hall was located in the ground floor while the first floor was built as the private residence of the royal family. But both floors are now in ruins. The façade of the palace has three arches; the central arch, which is the largest of the three, is 20 metres (66 ft) long and 17 metres (56 ft)in height.

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Gagan Mahal
Only this imposing entrance facade remains from this audience hall built in the Ali I period. The high central arch is flanked by arches that lead to narrow staircases to the upper storey. The far wall has three arched recesses and a row of smaller arches at the base. The Mahal and nearby palaces form the royal centre of Bijapur and are surrounded by a moat and citadel walls.  

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In my collection i have a vintage post card of Gagan Mahal, Bijapur. 

This is my Gagan Mahal, Bijapur vintage post card.

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