Friday, 21 December 2012

Darjeeling View from Beechwood vintage post card

This is Darjeeling View from Beechwood vintage post card in my collection. This vintage post card printed in     Germany.

Mr.V.Raghunathan & Veena Prasad of Bangalore wrote a book "Beyond the Call of Duty". This book share information about the contribution of certain british officials during British rule in India. These british gentlemen devoted their lives to the greater good of an adopted country - men whose work continues to benefit India. 

One of the british official whose name mentioned in the book is Sir Arthur Cotton, a British engineer who had chalked out a plan to link all the major rivers in India? One of the major contribution given by Sir Arthur Cotton given to India is construction Dam on Godavari river at Dowaleshwaram near Rajahmundry which is benefical to many farmers after the bridge.

Like Sir Arthur Cotton another british gentlemen mentioned  by Mr.V.Raghunathan & Veena Prasad in the "Beyond the Call of Duty" book is Dr.Archibald Campbell who bringing tea to Darjeeling. During his stay in Darjeeling Dr.Archibald Campbell lived in this Beachwood Estate. While mentioning about Dr.Archibald Campbell the authors using my above postcard in their book in the chapter about Dr.Archibald Campbell.

This cover page and back page image of "Beyond the Call of Duty" book written by Mr.V.Raghunathan & Veena Prasad.


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