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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Numismatic Heritage of India (Coins of India)

From the Ancient times particularly from the last 2000 years onwards coins have played a major role in tracing the Ancient History of India.

Many Dynasties printed their special coins and each of these coin has played a significant role in studying the art and objects and history of that particular era and period.

Study of the coins termed as "Numismatics".

In my collections i have some coins from India's Ancient period onwards. But i have only few coins.

I am running a separate blog with my coins.

this is my coins blog


In Anjaneri, Maharashtra state (on the way to Nasik - Trayambak) there will be one Research Institute established for studying Indian Coins. Name of the Institute is "Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies". 

In the year 1999 i went to Anjaneri and visited this coins research institute. At that time i bought some coins post cards printed by the Institute.

These are some of the coins post cards published by the Institute.

Most of these coins are very high rate and expensive in the present market. Of course i do not have any of these coins with me. I have only post cards of these coins which i got from the institute at that time.

This is Amoghbhuti coin post card.

This is Chandra Gupta II coin post card.

This is Marathas coin post card.

This is Nahapana of Western Kshatrapa coin post card.

This is Punch Mark Coins post card.

In my personal collection i have some punch mark coins. But not these mentioned on the post card. But some other silver and copper punch mark coins in my collection.

This is Wajid Ali Shah Nawab of Awadh coin post card.

This is Samant Deva coin post card.

This is Huvishka coin post card.

Alongwith the post cards i also bought some of the coins photos in the institute.

These are some of the Coins photos which i bought from Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies.

Also i do not have any of these coins because right now in the market they are very very expensive and i have only photos of the same.

This is Akbar Gold coin photo.

This is Indo Greek Coin Demetrius photo.

These are photos of 2 different Jahangir coins.

This is Rajendra Chola coin photo.

This is Tippu Sultan coin photo.

This is Krishnadevaraya coin photo (Great Vijayanagara Empire of Hampi).

This is Kushana coin photo. (From the ancient times Kushans also played a significant role in India's glorious heritage).

In the year 1999 I wrote letter to Indian Institute of Research In Numismatic Studies, Anjaneri, Near Nasik which devoted for study on Ancient Indian Coins by enquiring about Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta by sending Money Order to the Institute.

In reply to me they sent a letter on Institute Letterhead and they informed that Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta is not well at that time due to his old age.

After that in the couple of days later i went to Shiridi alongwith my family members. At that time i went to Anjaneri to visit the Institute. I spent some time in the Institute Museum, Library and met some scholars and showed the letter which i received from their Institute.

At that time i expressed my desire to meet Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta personally and accordingly they arranged a meeting of mine with Dr.P.L.Gupta who is 94 years old at that time. I met Dr.Gupta in his rest house and talk several things on ancient indian coins, their script etc.  Dr.P.L.Gupta was very much impressed and asked me "What i can do for you young man?".  Then i requested him as "Sir i want your personal autograph letter to me".  Accordingly Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta gave his autograph letter to me on Institute letterhead with his shivering fingers due to his old age.

Dr.Parmameshwar Lal Gupta wrote to me on the letter as "It gives me pleasure to meet Shri D. SRINIVASU, of Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) and know that he is interested in the study of Coins. I wish him the best".   ~ Parameshwar Lal Gupta.

This is Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies letter to me at the time of my enquiry about Dr.Parameshwarlal Gupta.

This is Dr.Parameshwarlal Gupta's autographed letter to me.

Dr. PARMESHWARI LAL GUPTA was a distinguished numismatist, with international recognition. And, this besides, an educationist, a social reformer, a journalist, a museologist, a literature, and a tireless researcher-all rolled into one: into his one versatile personality. Also an Honorary Fellow of Numismatic society of India (Elected 1974), Honorary Member of International Numismatic Commission (elected 1986), and Honorary Fellow of Royal Numismatic society, London (elected 1975), Royal Asiastic society of Great Britain, and Asiatic Society of Bombay (both elected in 1993), he had chaired History / Archaeology / Fine Arts / Numismatics sections of Various national and international conferences. Dr Gupta was a prolific writer too, credited with the authorship of over 30 books and 250 research papers on diverse themes from his several specialized disciplines. Among his other achievements, he was the recipient of many prestigious awards / honours, including Huntington Medal, Lhotka memorial prize, Royal Numismatic Society’s Medal, and Sir J Sarkar Gold Medal.  

The above post i shared in my Numismatic Heritage of India blog.


Ufortunately Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta is no more with us. But his great research on Indian Ancient Coins is very worthy and useful to not only Our Indians but also for research scholars and others of other countries also like me.

In my entire collections i think the autograph letter of Dr.Parameshwar Lal Gupta is a biggest treasure to me.


  1. I liked your collection, keep it up.

  2. Amazing collection and great information on Coins of India.

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