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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Vintage Telegrams of India(Farewell to the 163 Year Old Telegraph System )

In my collection i have several original Indian telegrams used during Pre-Independence and Post-Independence period.

BSNL announced that today i.e. 14th July is last day for taking telegrams from the people and from tomorrow onwards it closes the Telegraph System in the entire India.

In India Telegraph System started in 1850 and until today there will be 163 year old history for Indian Telegraph System. 

Until 1980's there will be huge demand for telegram in India and people used frequently to give telegrams to their friends, relative and also used it for business purpose and even for on many instances telegrams were used as a reference for court cases as evidence. Until 1984 the telegrams played a vital role in India.

But from 1985 onwards the usage of telegrams in India is gradually decreasing because Internet is started speed up from that period and at the same time mobile technology is also coming in India.

Due to the Internet, Email, Chatting, SMS, MMS and other modern technologies it is very difficult to Telegraphs Department to got enough money from telegrams. 

Due to these reasons now BSNL decide to stop usage of telegrams system completely and from 15th July onwards it shut down in entire India.

This is Centenary Year Telegram Form in the year 1951 in my collection. In India the Telegraph system started from 1850 onwards and 1951 is Centenary Year in the history of Indian Telegraph System.

These are 2 different colour greetings telegramsforms in my collection. Until 1980 people in India using these colour greetings telegrams to send greetings and wishes to other people.

These are 3 different telegram forms which were used in 1897 & 1899 are in my collection.

This is a big size telegram used in 1950 is in my collection. Due to the big size i scanned this telegram in 2 parts.

This is Maharashtra State Greetings Telegrams cover and telegram form in my collection.

Alongwith the above i have another 10 vintage telegrams form used in the years 1948 & 1949 in my collection. Out of these 10 telegrams most of them are used from Howrah, Guahati & other parts of West Bengal State and sent to present Bangladesh. Actually during that period all these telegrams sent to Pakistan(East Bengal). But later East Bengal separated from Pakistan and Bangladesh country is formed. Hence these telegrams are terms as sent to Bangladesh.Some of these telegrams sent to Pakistan.

This is 1949 telegram from used from Guahati to Bangladesh.

This is 1948 telegram used from Calcutta to Peshawar city, Paksistan.

This is 1948 telegram used from Calcutta to Jessore.

This is 1949 telegram from used Guahati to Bhangoora Pabna.

This is 1948 telegram from from Howrah to Rajbari.

This is 1948 telegram used from Calcutta to Faridpur.

This is 1948 telegram from 24 Paraganas to Barisal.

This is 1949 telegram from used Calcutta to Chaumuhani.

This is 1948 telegram used from Calcutta to Ghoramara.

This is 1948 telegram used from Calcutta to Fazilpur (Noakhali).

Apart from the above Indian vintage original telegrams in i have also 2 different Pakistan Posts and Telegraphs Department oriiginal telegrams in my collection.

Further recently BBc (British Broadcasting Corporation)   New Delhi office staff contacted me through email. In the email they informed me as they are planning to prepare one post(message) on History of Telegraph System in India because tomorrow it closed completely in India and for that purpose while searching for some Indian Telegrams vintage images they got some of my own collection telegram images in my collections blog. http://collections-of-dokkasrinivasu.blogspot.in/search/label/Greetings%20Telegrams

After observing my telegrams collections they contacted me through email and requested me for using some of my telegrams images from my collection on the post prepared in their Hindi website about history of Indian Telegraph System. 

Then i gave permission for using my telegrams images in their Hindi website post in Indian Telegraph System.

Accordingly today they prepared some posts(messages) on Indian Telegraph System (because today is the last day at night 9 PM for accepting telegrams from people as per BSNL announcement and tomorrow they distributed today and yesterday telegram and after that tomorrow evening they shut down the system completely) and in one of their post(message) they are using some of my telegrams images by mentioning name in those images of mine.

Below  is the link of BBC Hindi website where they were using some of my vintage original telegrams images in their telegrams picture gallery post(message).


I am happy to stated that some of these vintage telegrams are useful in the message of Prestigious BBC website and i felt it is a honour to me.

Until 1984 the telegrams are used as a medium of communication but later due to many advanced technologies now this Vintage Telegraph System in India is completely vanished and for the future generation children telegrams are Nostalgia of a glorious past and they found information about them in websites only.

This Telegram system is not only used as a means of communication to people of India as a medium of communication until 1984 but also this Vintage System has great Inheritance and Heritage itself.

Due to these reasons i am intend to collect vintage items on many themes are share them to our future generations because now-a-days many of our age old traditions of India are visible in very few areas and most of them are completely vanished like Snake Charmers, Puppet show performers, monkey trainers, bear trainers etc. and by our luck we watch at least some of these traditions and cultures and our future generation people know about them only in history books and also in websites only.

Hence it is our responsibility to preserve at least something for our future generations otherwise there will be no heritage for next generation children.


  1. For the first time I saw such a wonderful collection of vintage telegram,Thanks goes to Dokka and his blog.

  2. Mr Dokka Srinivasu
    Your vintage collections of telegrams are excellent and your blog post is very timely . Congratulations for prestigious BBC showcasing your collections . Your vintage collections are stupendous .A blog of this kind is certainly a curio .Please continue your good work .I wish you all the best .

  3. Awesome Collection of Telegrams.i like this Article..

  4. Dear Dokka Srinivasu,
    Excellent presentation and befitting goodbye to the Telegraph Department. Here is my farewell blog post to Telegrams, "Goodbye Telegrams" - http://srisrilara.blogspot.in/2013/07/goodbye-telegrams.html
    - N. Raghu.

  5. Dear Dokka Srinivasu,
    Excellent presentation and befitting goodbye to the Telegraph Department. Here is my farewell blog post to Telegrams, "Goodbye Telegrams" - http://srisrilara.blogspot.in/2013/07/goodbye-telegrams.html
    - N. Raghu.

  6. Sorry,this is not a Pakistani Form!