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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Rangolis 2015 photographs


Dear All Viewers of my Heritage of India blog "Wish You A Happy New Year 2015" to you, to your family members, to your friends and others. First of all a big I thank you to each visitor those who viewed my blog for valuable inspiration and encouragement. With your support and encouragement i am completed 3 years of blogging.

These are some New Year Rangolis 2015 photographs taken at in Kakinada. Now in Kakinada there will be rains so people not pay so much attention and focus to draw New Year Rangolis because even today morning many Rangolis drawn by yesterday night are washed away due to rains. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

My Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture

Yesterday in Amalapuram i conducted my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture.

In Amalapuram there will be one Hanuman Temple in Yarramilli vari Veedhi. The Hanuman Temple authorities established a Trust named "Akondi Simhachalam Trust" and every year they are conducting Hanumad (Hanumath) Vrathams, Poojas and also at the same time in the part of these Hanuman pooja celebrations they are also conducting Samskruti Utsav. During the course of this week long celebrations every year they are performing Pujas, Homam etc. and also being in a part they are encouraging young children by conducting quiz competions, dress competitions, essay writing, drawing competions etc. about our Indian Heritage and Culture. Mr.Akondi Pavan  is organising all these events with the help of his family members and other people. Being Amalapuram is my home town sometimes i went to my native place and during my recent visit 2 months at that time i saw their banner about Samskrit Utsav 2014 celebrations which held in November month ending. After seeing that banner i contacted Mr.Pavan for my participation in these celebrations and i explained about my hobby, my collections relating to Indian Heritage and Culture and also about my previous seminars which i gave to young children. He allotted gave sunday i.e. yesterday 30th November, 2014 full day time for my participation in Samskiriti Utsav. Usually i am giving such presentations and seminars on sundays and weekend evenings only because in the remaining time i have in office.

This is my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture which i presented to young children. 

In the part of seminar i am displaying my original paintings collections of Madhubani paintings, Kalamkari paintings, Cherial paintings, Cherial Masks, Phad paintings and Midnapore Patachitra paintings in the hall which allotted to me.

There 25 tables provided for my collections. Along with the above original paintings collections i am also sharing 30 different porfolios (souvenirs/brochures) relating to various themes (i.e. monuments, mythology, paintings etc. many themes) of Indian Heritage and Culture.

In the part of seminar i am explaining children about each and every object of my collection which i displayed there. After explaining the children about various aspects of our Indian Heritage and Culture from my collection i am conducting a small test to children by giving questions (fill in the blanks) to them. Children are very curiously watching my collections and clarified their doubts and they are showing very keen interested in participating the test.

These are some photographs which taken yesterday during the course of my interaction with several children by explaining them about our glorious Heritage and Culture.



Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Akka Devathalu (Sapta Matrikas) Photographs

These are some Akka Devathalu (Sapta Matrikas) Photographs taken in an Folk Temple near Kanipakam Vinayaka Swamy temple. 

This Folk Akka Devathalu temple is located in 2 to 3 Kilometers near to Kanipakam Swayambhu Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy temple.

Recently we went to Holy Shrine Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple. At that time one day we went nearby 100 kilometers radius temples in a Taxi. On that nearby temples journey while going to Kanipakam  temple we came across this Akka Devathalu folk temple. I asked Taxi driver about this temple and their history. I stopped at this temple and taken some photographs and also noted some information about these Folk Akka Devathalu through taxi driver.

According to the information obtained from the taxi driver and also from some other oral information these Akka Devathalu temples are located everywhere in the districts of Rayalaseema region. Some communities worshipped these Akka Devathalu as their Kula Devathas. Generally in temples Sapta Matrikas are in the form of statues. But in these Akka Devathalu Folk temples they are in the form of Horses, Elephants and also in some other shapes. These Folk Akka Devathalu prepared and worshipped by certain communities like potters and others and they prepared these images with Terracotta clay and also with stones. 

I do not have much information and knowledge about these Folk (Rural) Akka Devathalu and further i do not get adequate information about these Akka Devathalu.

But i want to share something about these Folk Akka Devathalu (Sapta Matrikas) because these photographs show very interesting information about the culture of people of certain communities,their folk tradition, their folklore, their myths etc.

Like this Folk Akka Devathalu temple in every part of Rural India there are many myths, traditions and customs practiced by several people and each of these festivals, fairs etc. have their own significance.

These are some photographs which i taken at this Folk Akka Devathalu temple. 

In the following photographs i am sitting in front of these Folk Akka Devathalu statues. I felt happy to visit this folk temple because this experience is useful to me for exploring our folk tradition and culture in some extent.