Monday, 28 September 2015

Indian Woman in 19th Century vintage original photographic vintage postcards (19 వ శతాబ్ధాములోని భారతీయ స్త్రీల యొక్క ఒరిజినల్ ఫోటోగ్రాఫిక్ పాత పోస్ట్ కార్డులు )

These are some Indian Woman in 19th Century vintage original photographic vintage postcards in my collection. 

ఇవి నేను సేకరించిన 19 వ శతాబ్ధాములోని భారతీయ స్త్రీల యొక్క ఒరిజినల్ ఫోటోగ్రాఫిక్ పాత పోస్ట్ కార్డులు.

Through these postcards we observe many things of the life style and tradition of Indian woman in the 19th Century like their saree draping method, ornaments they worn etc.

ఈ 19 వ శతాబ్ధాములోని భారతీయ స్త్రీల యొక్క పోస్ట్ కార్డుల ద్వారా మనము ఆ కాలములో మన భారతీయ స్త్రీల యొక్క జీవన విధానముని గమనించగలము. అవి ఏమిటంటే ఆనాటి స్త్రీల యొక్క వస్త్రధారణ, వారు ధరించిన ఆభరణములు మొదలగు విషయములు.


  1. Your have a treasure collection of vintage material relating to Indian Heritage and Culture. Please collect many more vintage postcards, photographs etc. and share all of them with us. Because only few people like you have the ability to collect such rare material which are not easily available.

    Best wishes for your fascination towards collection of vintage Indian material.

  2. Good post! However I have seen exactly these same images in various other books and websites. How can you post your watermark on them as if you own them? That shows your cheap attitude. You yourself copied from else where. Be generous to quote your sources. Putting your watermark on them is nothing else but another form of plagiarizing. They are obviously not owned by you to copyright your name on them. Hope you will rectify this.

    1. Dear Sir/Madam the above four vintage postcards are in my collection. In my collection i have nearly 500 vintage postcards of various themes of pre-independence period. sometimes i am exhibiting my vintage postcards and other collections in some big cultural institutions, universities etc. They are inviting me to exhibit my collections in their locations. Also sometimes i am documenting intangible performances and sharing my collections with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture.

      Further regarding your query about putting my name on those of my own collection. Earlier many times i observed that in many sources people using my images from my blog by not even given my name and my blog link and sometimes i observed that people using my collections and in their blogs mentioned as their collection and how it is justify. I am collecting them from more than 15 years onwards by spending my own money. Due to this now from the last one year i am putting my name on my own collection and whenever any person need i am sharing original collection image for their book publishing etc. for your information some authors using my images by mentioning my name etc. i hope you understand.