Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cultural Wall Paintings of India

These are some Cultural Wall Paintings photographs. I am taking these photographs from the paintings of a wall in Kakinada. In India it is a common tradition and practice to draw paintings on Walls in many parts. Generally these wall paintings draw attention to the people those who are crossing the location and most people are looking at these wall paintings with much curiosity because the artist who draw these paintings with much creativity and enthusiasm for his popularity. One artist named Mr.Lakshman drew these cultural wall paintings from where i am taking these photographs.

From now onwards i want to share images in my posts with  my name appearing on background. I hope many people know about this feature as it is something look like copyright. The main reason for this change is because recently i observed that some bloggers and other people using my images as it is and also same text by not mentioning the image source i.e. from where they are using the images and text. To my surprise one blogger using my vintage postcards etc. as it is and he mentioned in his blog and "these postcards are my (his) collection". Due to this reason from now i am sharing my images with my background name only. But any person or organisation is having doing some serious research on a particular topic and if they want my original images instead of my name background images then i am sharing those original images to them through email. I hope now people understand as why i am changing my blog images now with background my name on each of my new blog post images.  

These are the photographs Cultural Wall paintings which i am taking from a wall in Kakinada.

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