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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Gandhi stamps collection exhibition on October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi day

Yesterday i am exhibiting my Gandhi stamps and postcards collection at local Gandhi Bhavan, Kakinada on the occasion of October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi day.

Like some Gandhi Museums, Gandhi Bhavans, Gandhi Sangrahalayas, Gandhi Libraries which existed several parts of India in kakinada also there will be one Gandhi Bhavan which run by private organisation from the last 50 years and every year on October 2nd  and on January 30th there will be special programs conducted by the authorities of Gandhi Bhavan by conducting essay writing etc. competitions to school children and many children visited in large numbers and also many younger and old generation people also visited Gandhi Bhavan on these 2 days every year.

Yesterday i am exhibiting my Gandhi stamps collection at Gandhi Bhavan, Kakinada and this is my second Gandhi collection exhibition and first time in the year 2011 i exhibited my collection.

These are photos of my yesterday Gandhi stamps collection exhibition which i am displaying at Gandhi Bhavan on the occasion of birth day of our "Father of the Nation" Mahatma Gandhi. Many children watched my collection with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Along with the photos of my Gandhi stamps collection exhibition i am also sharing the images of several photos of Mahatma Gandhi which are displayed inside the Gandhi Bhavan by the authorities.


These are photos of my first Gandhi stamps collection exhibition which i exhibited 2 years back on October 2nd, 2011.


  1. Your collection is amazing. How do you collect all these?

  2. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection.

    It is a great effort to exhibit your Mahatma Gandhi philatelic collection on Gandhi Jayanthi day. Through your collection many people particularly younger generation people understand the principles and life of Mahatma Gandhi.