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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Devi Saraswati Mysore Style Painting Greeting Card of National Museum

This is Devi Saraswati - The Goddess of Learning, Wisdom and Fine Arts - Mysore Style painting, late 19th Century  painting's  Greeting Card prepared by National Museum, New Delhi is in my collection.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment on it. I can relate to your appreciation for Indian arts crafts. I am an ardent fan of Indian arts and crafts too. Please feel free to use my images on your blog.

  2. Really a good concept of painting....... True said The Vedas also mention her name. She is the goddess of speech, learning and knowledge. i really appreciate your collection....

  3. Very well collection, goddess saraswati concept is too good, as it symbolize the knowledge and colour are well defined and looks speechless.....

  4. Very nice painting. You have amazing collection.