Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Second Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture

Recently on 29th June i gave my second seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture at Ravindra Bharathi School's Ashok Nagar Branch, Kakianda.

Ravindra Bharathi School is one of the leading educational institution in Andhra Pradesh by competing many other educatonal institutions of the state with more  60 schools(branches) across the state in various districts. This school started 14 years back in Nellore district. The students of Ravindra Bharathi Schools have participated in many extra curricular activities apart from their studies regularly. One of the important achievement of Ravindra Bharathi Schools students is from the last 5 years they continuously participated in NASA Students Space Science program and got awards for their meritorious presentations in NASA by competing with other schools students. Particularly students of Nellore district Ravindra Bharathi schools students are regularly participating in these NASA Space Programs because India's famous "Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)" is located in Sriharikota of Nellore district and the surrounding area Ravindra Bharathi schools students are getting inspiration from ISRO and regularly creating new satellite and other designs and exhibiting them in NASA. Apart from participating in NASA Students Space programs all Ravindra Bharathi school students of across Andhra Pradesh also participating National Science Olympiad, National Maths Olympiad, Quizes, drawing competitions etc. many competitions, seminars etc.

The website of Ravindra Bharathi School is  www.rbschools.in

Recently the Ashoknagar branch of Ravindra Bharathi school is conducting a week long Cultural Heritage celebrations and seminars to their students from 22nd June to 29th June.During that Cultural Heritage Week students from 6th standard to 10th standards were participating on various events like preparing charts on various themes of Cultural Heritage of India etc. and also writing essays, participating in group discussions etc.

On the last day of Cultural Heritage Week the school management were planning to conclude the week long program by inviting some person as a Chief Guest. At that time they were searching for some person who has some knowledge on various aspects of Indian Heritage and Culture. During their search they approached the History Department Lecturer of P.R.Govt. College about this event and during the course of their meeting the P.R.College History Department Officials gave information about me along with my contact number to Ravindra Bharathi Schools management. Accordingly the management of Ravindra Bharathi School contacted me and requesting to attend their Cultural Heritage Week Concluding Function as a Chief Guest by sharing some information on various aspects of Indian Heritage and Culture by interacting with their students. They requested me to bring to my collections relating to Indian Heritage and Culture to the schoolat the function time for sharing them with their students.

As per the request of the Management of Ravindra Bharathi Schools i went to the school on 29th June by carrying my collections relating to Indian Heritage and Culture. At that time the Management and students were invited me to preside the concluding function as a Chief Guest.

During the function i am interacting with students and gave speech on significance of Cultural Heritage particularly the greatness of Indian Heritage and Culture by showing my collections.

Below are some photos of my interaction with Ravindra Bharathi Schools students during their Cultural Heritage Week closing function. Here i am sharing the photos of students who keenly observed my collections and also my presentation on various aspects of Indian Heritage and Culture. Alongwith the photos of students who attended at there here i am also sharing some photos of my collections which i showed to them. Alongwith the above photos here i am also sharing some charts prepared by schools students during the Cultural Heritage Week which displayed in that room.


  1. Your vast knowledge on Indian Heritage and Culture and also your valuable collections are useful to many people. Thanks for sharing them with our younger generation.

  2. It is very pleasure to see that you are sharing your valuable knowledge on Indian Heritage and Culture with younger generation children to educate them about our glorious heritage.A great effort.Good luck.

  3. Great Job from Great Inspiration Inside You. Knowledge & Hapiness Has The Same Root. They are needed to be sharing from one to another. And Never Give Up on this valuable Job YOU DO.

  4. What an inspiration Sir, for the younger generation. I need to commend upon your efforts in collecting the information and material in sharing and preserving our heritage and culture to the future generations. I am amazed at reading some of your posts. I will definitely visit back to read other posts.
    Keep continuing the good job.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. Unique feat indeed .. It is of great service to the younger generation and old alike..Please keep up the great work..

  6. Please give many more seminars to our younger generation people which are very helpful to them. With best wishes