Saturday, 20 July 2013

Burning Ghat Benares vintage postcard

This is Burning Ghat Benares vintage postcard in my collection.

Hindu people considered the Benares or Varanasi as a Holy City. Many people want to go to Sacred Benares at least once in their life time. Some people spent 9 days in Holy Varanasi and they thought 9 Nights sleeping in Varanasi is useful for removal of their Karma. Some older generation people want to spend their old age in the Holy City of Benares and they thought that it is good to take their last breathe in Varanasi and they instruct their children and others to perform their last rites in Varanasi. Further many people across the India taking the ashes of their relatives to melt them the Holy Ganga (Ganges) River in Varanasi. 

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