Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mother Goddess at Adam India special cover

This is Mother Goddess at Adam India special cover in my collection.

This Mother Goddess at Adam India special cover issued on the occasion of MAHAPEX 2004. This cover illustrated with the image of Mother Goddess at Adam. This cover cancelled with Archaeological Survey of Pictorial cancellation in the Sraisailam temple stamp on 12th January, 2004 in Nagapur.

The Terracotta Figurine of Mother Goddess represented here is reported from the archaeological excavation at Adam (Ancient Asika Janapada), Taluka Kuhi, District Nagpur, Maharashtra. This hollow terracotta, atributed to the Satavahana period (Second Century AD) is produced out of double mould of  indigenous origin.  The figurine is baked in red and is characterized by bold modelling with profuse jewellery on her person.


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