Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sculptures of India

India is very famous for its glorious Heritage particularly Indian Sculptures are masterpieces for their  Art and Architecture style.  From the ancient period Architecture and Sculpture have played a significant role in the daily life of people of India. In India it is a common practice for the people to  contribute some money for the construction of temples and monuments. Alongwith the people of India the role of Maharajas of India is also very vital and significant in the construction of several temples and heritage monuments from the ancient period. From the ancient times Indians are dedicated themselves and being a part in the construction of several temples, monuments etc. like Tirumala Lord Balaji Temple, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple, Khajuraho Temples, 12 Jyothirlinga Temples, 18 Shaktipeethams, Sanchi Stupa, Amaravathi Stupa, Sravanabelagola, Lepakshi Temple, Hampi Temple, Jumma Masjid Delhi, Charminar, Dilwara Temple, Ranakpur Jain Temple,Golden Temple Amritsar etc. These are only few temples etc. If any person start to writing to write the names of Heritage Monuments in India then definitely it will take more than 12 hours to mention those monument names. Even after 12 hours also it is not possible to write entire Heritage Monuments in India names. In the entire India there will be Lakhs of temples, heritage monuments, caves,mosques etc. and each of these structure has its own architectural and sculptural heritage. Every Religion in India gave some valuable contribution from their side in the form of several Heritage monuments by within their own architecture and sculpture.

Below are the some photos of a Temple Gopuram. Please look into the Architecture Style of this Gopuram and its beautiful Sculptures. Where did we find such Architecture Style and Sculptures in the present day modern India. In the present generation all these Architecture and Sculpture styles are almost vanished and in entire India only few Sculpture makers and Architects who dedicate themselves for the constructions of new heritage monuments and temples etc. with beautiful sculptures. Due to the modernization in everywhere it is not possible for those few Architects and Sculpture makers to continue their same age old tradition which inherit from their forefathers because they cannot survive and sustain their livelihood with the small money which received from others for creating and developing these age old traditions of architecture and sculpture making. 

Hence it is responsibility of all people to give some charity in the form money and also in some other forms like donating clothes, food accessories etc. to those remaining few Architects and Sculpture Makers whenever we see such people for their livelihood. Otherwise there will be no contributions of any temples, heritage monuments etc. to our future generation people from our present generation and at that time in the future people think about only our old and ancestral generations for their valuable contributions in the form of art,architecture and sculptures. 

Apart from giving money and other forms charity to those few architect and sculpture making people for sustaining their day to day life it is also one of our another prime responsibility to preserve those temples and other heritage monuments which came to us as a gift from our ancient generations. As per many surveys across India many old temples and other heritage monuments are lost their originality and  some of them vanished completely.

There will be few dedicated organisations in India like Archaeological Survey of India and Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage which gave valuable contribution for the preservation of these heritage monuments, temples etc. But it is not possible for the preservation of these temples etc. with the efforts of those few organisations only and being a responsible citizen there will be some contribution which definitely need from our every person for the preservation these age old temples, Heritage monuments etc. Otherwise in future generations people heard about these temples and monuments by reading books and watching documentaries only. 

Shall we give real heritage monuments and temples to the future generations or giving only glimpses and history instead of real monuments because these monuments vanished gradually if we cannot preserve them for future generations. It will be on our hands only as of what we give to our future generations in the form Heritage.

Below are the photos of a Temple Gopuram and its beautiful Sculptures and glorious architectural style.


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  2. Nice capture of sculptures. The sculptures are very beautiful.

    Through this post you are conveying a great message of people about the importance of Heritage and the need as well of importance for the preservation of our art forms, monuments etc. many things. A great effort.