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I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc. and exhibited them at several locations across India in various events and also sharing them with school and college children by giving presentations to them on Indian Heritage and Culture with my collections and also documenting puppetry etc. intangible performances.

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Coconut Husk Ganesha idol

This is "Coconut Husk Ganesha idol" in my collection. Coconut craft artisans of kerala created this beautiful Coconut Husk Ganesha idol. Many coconut crafts are made by carving a single raw coconut. Extreme skills and patience is required in making up this product and only very few artisans are engaged in it. The product is 100% manually carved in a single coconut. Careful selection of full coconuts at farm level has to be done, in which the coconut husk should be larger than the coconut shell. Even if the full coconuts are carefully selected, out of 100 only 10 for example will be suitable for making the product. The craftsman skill is essential to achieve sharp features. Final touches are given with small knives and cutters. To bring out a single product, involvement of 3 different skilled artisans working from 1-7 days is required.



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